Staying Motivated

“For me, a big part of staying motivated is maintaining a sense of connection with my story and characters, which can be tough since I don’t write every day. I’ve got the usual excuses — I have a job and a kid and a TBR list and occasionally I also like to breathe — but really I’m just slow and deliberate and into taking breaks.
It’s fine if you do that, really! Problem is, it’s also an easy way to lose the thread of the story, and that can be a huge motivation-killer. I break down this obstacle by creating an ongoing cheat sheet for my book. Each time I finish a chapter or long scene, I expand the cheat sheet with a one-sentence description of what just happened. Not only does it let me hit the ground running when I come back from a writing break, it also serves as a good retroactive outline of the book, so I can see if my story’s solid.”
J.C. Lillis
J.C. Lillis is the author of two YA novels: How to Repair a Mechanical Heart and We Won’t Feel a Thing.


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